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How to Add Texture to Your Kitchen and Bath Design

The design world often talks about texture, but mainly for living rooms and bedrooms.

Adding texture to your kitchen and bath is also transformative. It changes them from functional areas to visually stunning and inviting rooms.

Texture adds depth, interest, and warmth. It makes your home feel more personal and welcoming.

Here’s how to add texture to your kitchen and bath and why it’s vital in interior design.

kitchen texture ideas

Why Bath and Kitchen Texture Matters

Want to make your kitchen and bath more inviting? Texture is the secret. Adding texture can turn these spaces from bland to stunning.

Here’s why texture matters and how to use it.

Visual Interest

Texture adds visual interest by catching your eye and creating focal points. It also stops spaces from looking flat or monotonous.

The Feel of It

Different surfaces can make a room feel warm and grounded. This tactile experience adds comfort.

Adds Depth

Mixing textures adds layers and dimension. It makes the room look dynamic and complex.

Balances Things Out

Texture balances design elements like color, pattern, and form. These designs ensure a cohesive and harmonious look.

Kitchen Texture Ideas


Texture is crucial in interior design and is not just for your cozy sofas anymore. Kitchen textures are also important.

Add texture to your kitchen with tile backslashes or accent walls. Tile is an impactful way to add implied and actual texture.

For example, honed and artisanal stone adds visual texture while patterned tiles adds implied texture.

You can also add texture to your kitchen with countertops. Honed or leathered finishes on granite, quartz, or marble add texture to the space.

Butcher block countertops also add great visual and tactile texture. And don’t forget soapstone! This natural stone feels soft, almost velvety, and has beautiful veining patterns.

Cabinets can also provide kitchen texture. Think distinct wood grains or painted surfaces. Glass front cabinets or open shelves with neat items also do the trick.

Accessories can make a big difference, too. Woven baskets, fabric or wicker lampshades, ceramic dishes, window treatments, rugs, and dish towels all boost texture in your kitchen.

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Bathroom Texture Ideas

bathroom texture ideas

Wall treatments like textured wallpaper, headboards, or wainscoting add dimension to bathroom walls.

Venetian plastering is also hugely popular. It involves adding layers of plaster to mimic old-world walls. You can use Venetian plaster in bathrooms, but make sure to use high-quality, lime-based plaster. Then, protect it with sealant or wax.

Tiles are another fabulous way to add bathroom texture. Choose tiles with raised patterns, natural stones, or pebbled tiles for the shower floor. Even plain subway tiles can add visual interest and depth when arranged creatively on vanity or shower walls.

A natural wood vanity also adds character and texture. If you don’t want a full wood vanity, add wood open shelving. It’s a great way to add warmth without committing to the whole vanity.

Artisanal vessel sinks made of stone or glass can also transform your vanity from mundane to stunning.

Textiles are also an easy way to add texture to the bathroom. Think soft, plush towels, quilted or patterned shower curtains, and chunky bath mats.

These items significantly enhance the tactile experience and are budget-friendly ways to increase coziness in one shopping trip.

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Ready to Transform Your Kitchen or Bath with Texture?

Texture is powerful in interior design, often overlooked in kitchens and bathrooms. By thoughtfully incorporating textured elements, you can create visually pleasing, warm, and inviting spaces.

Whether through materials, finishes, or accessories, adding textures brings depth, dimension, and personality to your home.

Visit our showroom, where our expert designers will help you incorporate texture into your dream kitchen or bath!

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