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The Precision Way: 4 Ways We Strive to Serve Our Customers

We’ve all had it happen… the carpet installer who didn’t show up or the wallpaper company that hung your expensive paper upside down. Schedule changes and hiccups can occur during your home renovating and remodeling. 

In both cases, there were some human errors which we try to keep at a minimum at Precision. However, some incidents inevitably happen, especially when the supply chain and labor force are tenuous. 

If something isn’t going 100% to plan, it often can be boiled down to one of the four following things: 

1. Supplies Being Backordered or Delayed

Although this happened more frequently during the pandemic, we have always had to deal with it. For example, the glaze on tile may not have fired correctly, or we had to send back a slab that didn’t get approved by our quality control crew.

Getting information to our customers promptly is the best way to get ahead of this issue. Also, warning them ahead of time if we know of a shortage or backorder situation.

Our customers must keep in mind that if they are ordering products outside of our offerings. For example, some ship times can be up to 10 weeks.

If you have fallen in love with hardware that’s special ordered from a shop, be sure to ask what the timeline will be.

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2. Fragile Materials Breaking

We treat each of our jobs as if it were our own, and we are vigilant about protecting your countertops. We’ve put hours and hours into templating them, cutting them, and sanding them – they are precious to us.

However, when we cut a more fragile material, there’s a chance a crack or fissure may occur. Again, we ensure to inform you of the risks when selecting material. For instance, fragile slabs are generally natural stones.

Materials can also break in transit and during installation. Our install crews are moving thousands of pounds of material through your house and setting it precisely into place, down to the millimeter.

A break or crack rarely occurs in this process. If this happens, we quickly fix it on-site or remake your top and put a rush on it – minimizing your kitchen or bath’s downtime.

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3. Onsite Surprises That Can Delay a Project

Sometimes when our crew gets to your home to demo your existing tops or sink, they find unexpected surprises. This can delay a project and throw it off-budget.

For example, there could be rot behind the sink or no drywall to attach tiles. These unforeseen things can add time and cost to your project.

4. Damaging Adjacent Walls During Install

As our crews are installing the countertops, there is a risk that we can damage adjacent walls surrounding your countertop. Please know we try our hardest to avoid these accidents, but they can happen.

Usually, our install crew catches accidents. But, please let us know if you notice wall damage that happened during installation.

Hiccups are inevitable in life, especially during house renovations. We understand the frustration and know it is often made worse by the stress of not having a functioning kitchen or bathroom. Your life can feel turned upside down.

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The Precision Difference: How We Stand Out

The services we offer in-house make us stand out from many other fabricators. In this tight labor market, many people must wait months to get a tile setter or plumber to finish their jobs.

We have the advantage of coordinating all the needed trades to ensure the job gets done promptly. We also assign a customer care specialist to keep you in the loop at all project stages.

If a hiccup emerges, we can orchestrate our drywallers, plumbers, or tile setters to fix the problem. There are no pointing fingers at the other contractors because we own all the steps leading up to completion.

The best way we can work together to get an issue resolved is through communication. We have the best customer care specialists in the industry. They are your dedicated constant line of communication with Precision Countertops.

Please know that we are human, and many variables must come together to create your dream kitchen or bath. We try our hardest to make it the best experience we can – our team of experts is always here!

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