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The Resurgence of Fluted Design and Materials in Home Decor

I thought I noticed more fluted materials in design magazines and blogs. However, after visiting the huge KBIS kitchen and bath show in Las Vegas, I realized it wasn’t my imagination! Fluted design is everywhere and continues to trend in many different home applications.

If you haven’t seen a fluted surface, it features vertical grooves or channels on building materials. This fluted design adds sophistication and depth.

grey fluted kitchen island

Fluted Wall Design

The design world has seen fluted table bases, headboards, and cabinetry.

However, fluted marble, stone, and tiles are the most fun for us. They’re used to clad entire walls, serve as backsplash material, and create fluted bases for kitchen islands or bathroom vanities.

This design feature has its roots in ancient Greek and Roman architecture. It was used in outer building structures such as the grandiose columns we see in our history books.

The fluted textures reappeared in the 1920s with the Art Deco movement. Furniture, decor, and architecture extensively used fluted edges.

large fluted stone columns

Fluted Material and Patterns

One key reason behind the resurgence of fluted marble or stone in kitchens is its remarkable design versatility. Whether you prefer a contemporary or more traditional and ornate look, it seamlessly integrates into various design styles.

The rhythmic patterns of flutes can be subtle or pronounced, making them versatile for most traditional or modern homes.

Fluted materials also effortlessly bridge the gap between the past and the present. Their historical roots evoke a sense of timeless charm, while the incorporation of this classic technique into modern kitchen spaces adds a contemporary twist.

The edges of the flutes can also impact the feel of the space. For example, the fluted walls and backsplashes that are more squared versus rounded feel more industrial.

Fluted Kitchen Ideas

In many kitchens embracing the fluted trend, the feature takes center stage as a statement backsplash. The vertical lines of the fluting draw the eye upward, creating a sense of height and openness in the space.

This fluted design adds a touch of grandeur and makes the kitchen feel more expansive, particularly in smaller or confined areas.

Using fluted materials on the island base is another popular way to incorporate this look in the kitchen. It adds texture and glamour to the focal point of the kitchen.

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pink fluted kitchen island

The Dekton Ukiyo Collection

Material suppliers have stepped up to meet the fluted stone and tiles demand.

Many of the fluted looks we see use tiles. This makes them more affordable and often easier to install. 

One of our partners, Cosentino, created a fluted version of their ultracompact Dekton. Their Dekton Ukiyo collection draws inspiration from Japanese and contemporary design.

Their website says Ukiyo means to “live in the moment.” It “celebrates the art of minimalism and embracing the present.”

They also say the Dekton collection “awakens the senses and evokes a feeling of wellness by achieving a beautiful, calm state in the space.”

Transform Your Space with Fluting

The resurgence of fluted stone and tiles in kitchens is a design movement that celebrates classical aesthetics while seamlessly integrating them into modern design. 

We offer fluted tiles in every line we carry. Since tiles come in a variety of colors and textures, you can really personalize how the fluted style shows up in your space.

Swing by our showroom and discuss your options with one of our fabulous designers. They are up to date on the newest trends and can help you create a cohesive, stylish, and livable space!

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