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Sealing Granite Countertops

How To Seal Granite Countertops

Sealing granite countertops is a question that is very common among homeowners. Precision Countertops will break down everything you need to know about sealing granite countertops the right way. A sealer is a substance or solvent that goes into the countertop surface to prevent it from staining due to spills. The Sealant will go into the pores and will plug up the pores to help keep the countertop from etching and staining. Naturally, granite is a moisture resistant however, it is also porous. Sealing granite countertops will ensure that they are nonporous and free of common stains. Properly sealed granite countertops cause liquids to bead on the surface.

Choose The Right Sealant

The goal is for the sealant to deeply penetrate the surface so the chances of stains can significantly decrease. This will also keep out the bacteria and maintain it’s shine. When you are searching for granite kitchen counters sealants, look for ones that are known as “impregnating stone sealers.” These are the top chosen sealants picked out by profession granite, marble, & slate countertop experts. You want to go with a product that will keep out moisture so that the risk of bacteria and mold are eliminated.

Sealant Features To Look For

  • Dries in five to ten minutes
  • Help surface repel oil and water-based liquids
  • Dries invisibly without changing the stone color
  • Coverage of 160 to 180 sq. ft. per quart
  • Can be used on all other stone surfaces

Liquids With Strong Colors

Some liquids with strong colors include wine and grape juice. These liquids will harsh stains on kitchen and bath countertops that have not be sealed properly or at all. You also want to watch out for cooing oil & fat because they can cause discoloration. You should also keep in mind that pizza grease will culprit whenever it soaks through the bottom of the pizza box and on to the countertop.

Applying Sealant In Small Areas

When you are sealing granite countertops you have to seal in the small areas around the sink, the faucet, and stovetops. The sealant should be applied post countertop installation but before appliances are put in place because it will get harder to reach said spots for you but not for liquids.

Sealing Your Granite Counters

Follow the instructions below to properly seal your counters.

  1. Clean your natural stone countertops using a mild kitchen cleaner. Let the countertops dry off before you continue.
  2. Once they are completely dry, grab a clean dry dishcloth to apply the sealer. Use a cloth that is lint free.
  3. Dampen the dishcloth with the impregnating sealant and then wipe the sealer on to the countertop surface. Look to see that the entire surface is wet but not soaked. This includes the countertop edges & backsplashes.
  4. Let the very 1st coat dry for 5 to 10 minutes. After the countertops are dry, you can proceed to apply the 2nd coat.
  5. Once the sealant is dry, you are now finished. You should wait a day before you cook or prep food on your granite countertops.

Whenever your granite countertops are properly sealed with an impregnation sealant, the surface will repel oil and moisture which eliminates the risk of stains. You still want to dry off any spills and promptly clean off oil.

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