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Transform Your Kitchen with the Innovative HydroTap Faucet

Add Sparkling Water to Your Kitchen Remodel

If there was a superstar in the water industry, sparkling water would be front and center. It’s common to see grocery aisles and refrigerators throughout America stocked with the latest flavors. 

The sparkling water industry has grown substantially due to people wanting a healthier alternative to sugary drinks and sodas. According to Grandview Research Group, the global market for sparkling water hit a high of 33.43 billion in 2021. It’s also expected to reach 76.95 billion by 2028. 

The kitchen industry has answered this demand by creating in-home water dispensers that serve up bubbles. We recently talked with Kaycee, the Director of Merchandising and Showrooms at Keller Supply, about what cool products they are excited about. The most exciting product was Zip Water faucets.

3 Reasons to Consider the HydroTap Faucet

HydroTap faucet by Zip Water

The Zip Water HydroTap faucet instantly dispenses filtered boiling, chilled, and sparkling water all from a single tap. Also, this gorgeous faucet proves function and beauty can go hand in hand. 

We admit that having a pricier water faucet with all the bells and whistles may seem superfluous. However, there are practical reasons why having one in your home makes sense.

Here are three reasons you should consider this high-functioning faucet:

1. State Of The Art Filtration

The HydroTap has an advanced activated carbon water filter technology that ensures the dispensed water is 25 times cleaner than what you would drink from a water filter pitcher. In fact, the filter in the Zip 0.2 model has a micron filtration system that removes dirt and contaminants as small as 1/5000th of a millimeter!

Also, the filter is built into the system so you don’t see an unsightly appendage hanging off of the neck of the faucet. In addition, it offers a sleeker and more environmentally friendly way to obtain clean filtered water in your own home.

Plus, the water produced is arguably better than what you get from plastic water bottles or a stand alone jug system.

2. The Environment

The HydroTap is environmentally conscience.  It reduces the number of plastic bottles or large jugs that eventually make it into our landfills. Besides reducing waste, they have also devised a way to use less energy to cool the water. The latest generation models use 53% less energy than earlier models used in the past. 

3. Keeps You Hydrated

Lastly, research shows having a water dispenser in your home will up your water intake. We all know drinking more water helps your organs, joints, muscles, skin, and more. However, about 75% of us are walking around dehydrated.

Having a dispenser that produces boiling water for tea or sparkling water for a fresh fruit spritzer will help you increase your water consumption. According to Zip Water’s research, 80% of HydroTap owners report drinking more water after it was installed.

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Visit Keller Supply to See the HydroTap Faucet in Person

Fillip Hord, co-owner of Horderly, a home organization and design firm bears strong witness to HydroTap’s wow factor. He spoke of his HydroTap faucet on Refinery29’s site, saying “My favorite thing in the kitchen, my favorite appliance in the house, has to be the faucet.”  He also said “It does filtered chilled water, sparkling water, and boiled water – all at the touch of a button. It blows my mind every day.”

If you’d like to take a look at this “blow your mind” faucet, look no further than Keller Supply.

Keller Supply showroom
Keller Supply Showroom

Keller Supply is the Pacific Northwest’s largest plumbing supplier and has showrooms throughout Oregon.  They are currently working on a new showroom in Lake Oswego which is slated to open in December. It will be located at 5740 Jean Road, next to Macadam Floor.

Stay tuned when we take a field trip to the new showroom and tell you all about it. Its progress can also be followed on Instagram @kellersupply_lakeoswego .

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