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Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas: 3 Ways to Transform Your Space

When it comes to bathroom design, wallpaper is making a big comeback. Bathroom wallpaper adds texture, personality, and a touch of luxury. Discover how to transform your space with these easy bathroom wallpaper ideas, tips, and trends.


In the past, one might have shied away from hanging paper on the walls of the wettest room in the house. But bathroom wallpaper has experienced a resurgence in recent years.

This bathroom design guide looks at where to hang wallpaper and which materials to use. Read on to discover three easy bathroom wallpaper ideas.

1. Current Bathroom Wallpaper Trends

Bathroom wallpaper has moved beyond the bland and traditional styles of the past. So, exit beige and white stripes and enter geometric patterns, bold florals, nature-inspired designs, and interesting textures!

These graphic prints and botanical patterns offer a fun and diverse range of options for all the design palettes. More adventurous homeowners are embracing vibrant, contrasting colors, and animal prints to make a bold statement in their bathroom spaces.

Another trend we see is metallic accents, like gold or copper patterns. They introduce a touch of glamour. Countertop and tile manufacturers are also producing materials with metallic highlights.

As with all things design, our natural world influences so much. You’ll notice many new wallpapers showcasing big leafy botanicals and even large patterns of fruit or flowers.

This is an exciting time to visit your local wallpaper store- so many fun choices!

Gold Vinyl Bathroom Wallpaper

2. Bathroom Wallpaper Material Matters

Selecting the RIGHT material is crucial, especially in a high-moisture environment like a bathroom.

Opting for vinyl or moisture-resistant wallpaper ensures the paper remains undamaged and lasts long.

Vinyl bathroom wallpaper is the best choice due to its durability and water-resistant properties. It withstands humidity, making it less prone to water damage, peeling, and mold. It’s also easy to apply with either wallpaper glue or peel and stick.

Pro Tip: Steer clear of paper-based or delicate materials like silk and grasscloth. These will not withstand the moisture and steam in a bathroom for very long!

3. Bathroom Wallpaper Placement Matters

You may be tempted to cover all the walls with a captivating pattern. However, this approach can overwhelm the space, especially if you have a small bathroom.

Hanging paper on a bathroom ceiling is also not advisable because steam rises. It will damage and discolor the paper faster than paper on the walls.

Pro Tip: Focus on an accent wall, such as the one behind the vanity or bathtub. This location creates a focal point without making the space feel too loud.

If you love the paper and could literally “swim” in it – go for it! Having your personality come through takes precedence!

Blue Bathroom Wallpaper Patterns

Bathroom Wallpaper Design Tips!

Consider these simple tips before adding wallpaper to your bathroom walls.

Prepare Your Bathroom Walls

First, sand the wall down until it’s smooth. Ensure there are no bumps, holes, or globs of plaster. Also, ensure the walls are clean and dry so the adhesives have the best chance of sticking.

Prepare for Excessive Splashing

Consider tiling a section behind the sink to protect your wallpaper from splashing. Or, use the paper on a wall away from the water. You can also consider using a decorator’s varnish to protect the paper.

Order Sample Wallpaper

Hang sample wallpaper to see if it works in your space with different lighting. Also, leave it up to see how it withstands the moisture. For older homes with poor ventilation, test the wallpaper for at least two weeks.

Lastly, most material is fair game if the wallpaper is for a powder room, except if it’s near a splash zone. Powder rooms are always a fun space to make a major design impact with bold wallpaper!

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Final Thoughts

Wallpaper in bathrooms is a design choice that transforms a functional space into a personalized oasis that’s uniquely yours! With the right materials and strategical placement, you’ll keep your bathroom’s wallpaper looking new for years.

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