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Understanding Pitting and Fissures in Natural Stone

An ongoing issue in the natural stone industry is the difference between the customer’s expectation of the appearance of their countertops, and the surface texture irregularities that are inherent to natural stone surfaces.

Customers often expect a polished finish; that means glassy smooth, with absolutely no signs of cracks or indentations. This is not only unrealistic, but it fails to consider the characteristics that make granite and other natural stone countertops so amazing, unique, and naturally beautiful.

Natural granite fissure

It’s important for homeowners who are considering installing granite, quartzite, or any other type of natural stone kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity that pits and fissures are part of the stones natural structure and there may always be these tiny spaces in the deposits of mineral crystals that make each slab unique. All homeowners should be aware that they are in no way a structural defect.

Watch the video below to learn more about these unique characteristics from our own showroom kitchen!

When any natural stone is polished, pitting and fissuring will inevitably occur. Also, due to the cooling and heating of the rock, after it has been formed, these fissures can be more or less obvious than others, but they are rarely completely absent. Most pitting and fissuring is so microscopic that people don’t even notice these irregularities. And for larger ones, they can be filled with an epoxy.

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