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The Top Kitchen Countertops Found in Washington Homes


Granite, Quartz, or Quartzite: Which Will You Choose?

Washington is well-known for its natural beauty and authentic environment. The scenic view of ridged mountains and evergreen forests is something many locals say they love about living here and what draws visitors to our region.

Residents in Seattle have begun to bring these earthy tones and characteristics into their homes by installing natural stone or quartz countertops in their kitchen. As the kitchen is one of the main focal points in the home, these countertops bring personality and a sense of belonging to the rest of the house.

Take a look at the top 5 kitchen countertops found in Seattle-area homes (particularly in Kent, Renton, and Des Moines).

Tahitian Cream Quartzite

This creamy quartzite will become your new favorite piece in the house. The warm accents create a sense of comfort by bringing the natural tones of the outdoors inside your home. The subtle variation of tans throughout the slab help maintain a cohesive look with the rest of your decor; not too bold and distracting for other elements in your kitchen.

Tip: Pair Tahitian Cream Quartzite with white cabinets and wood accents for a beautiful contemporary bohemian style

Bengal White Granite

Bengal White Granite is a great statement piece for your kitchen. If you are looking for an eye-catching countertop, this one will surely be of interest! This countertop is a beautiful collage of black and white speckles with a light undertone. The pops of black help darken the area and bring contrast into the room.

Tip: Pair a Bengal White Granite countertop with a colored backsplash for a vibrant styled kitchen.

Eternal Calacatta Classic Quartz

An Eternal Calacatta Classic Quartz countertop is a trendy piece often found in modern homes and we quickly understand why! The sleek white detailing portrays an elegant look, leaving your kitchen to appear squeaky clean and effortlessly beautiful. But be careful – don’t overdue decorations in this space, as it will take away from the simple yet stunning veining features of the quartz.

Tip: Select chrome appliances for your kitchen to provide a continuum of a clean and glossy look.

Siberian White Granite

A more artistic piece, Siberian White Granite, provides a blend of several neutrals to create a colorful yet subtle collaboration. Glimpses of black, grey and navy atop the white base remind us of the snowcapped mountains in the winter time. This countertop feels like home – quick, turn the fireplace on and grab a mug of hot cocoa!

Eternal Statuario Quartz

Eternal Statuario Quartz is another striking piece that is both elegant and chic. The sheer white and faint vein detailing appears as natural as its namesake. We can’t help but be amazed by the luxuriousness and extraordinarily clean look of this countertop. Forget about table talks – guests will be drawn to your counter for hors d’oeuvres. Cheers!

While there are many countertop trends that have become attractive within modern homes; these beautiful options will always remain classics. One thing is certain – it is important to find a style that best suits your unique likes. We recommend deciding upon the material of stone first, then selecting a specific color. Stones vary from granite and marble to quartz and quartzite and so on. Granite, quartz and quartzite are very durable options that are resistant to both heat and cracking. Our top 5 list gives you a few of the most picked options around Seattle, but you can view our full collection here.


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