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The Chip Minimizer…An Easy Way to Prevent Chips Around Your Sink’s Edge

Imagine you’ve just had your beautiful kitchen countertops installed and within weeks a pan slips and hits the lip of your sink.

Ouch, it’s only a little chip, but they are difficult to mend and pricey to fix!

Enter Precision Countertop’s Chip Minimizer..a perfect solution to keep your sink’s edge looking like new. Considering your sink sees most of the action in your kitchen, if your countertop is going to chip, it will most likely be the surrounding edge of the sink. Countertops are made from some of the strongest materials on earth, if the edge is at a sharp 90 degree angle it is much more likely to chip if something hard is dropped on it. 

In the past, the majority of our service calls were for small chips around the sink’s edge. Not only is it difficult to fix, it’s also a $250 repair call. Since implementing the Chip Minimizer Program, we haven’t received a service call for repairing a chip around the sink’s edge. 

The reason why this program is so successful comes down to the angle of the edge. We ease the inside edge to smooth it out, making it less fragile. This smoother edge is also easier to clean and gentler on your hands as well. 

Creating this edge around your sink surround does take a significant amount of time and expertise, so there is an extra charge.  Money well spent for your peace of mind and keeping your countertops looking like new for the entire life of your kitchen. 

The Chip Minimizer is something you need to discuss with our sales team prior to install as we can’t polish the edge after it’s placed in your kitchen. Precision Countertops is proud to bring you technology like this to keep your countertops looking like you just had them installed. 

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