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Are Quartz Countertops Sanitary?

The countertop is an essential part of any modern kitchen and it’s almost impossible to think about your kitchen without a multifunctional countertop. Countertops are the main location where all cooking and prepping takes place and this is one of many reasons why composite stone is such a great fit in a busy kitchen. If safety and durability are on your mind when choosing your next countertop, quartz might be the right surface for you!

Quartz countertops are extremely hygienic and easy to clean. Cleaning this countertop is very easy and all you really need is a damp cloth and a small quantity of household cleaner in order to remove any spills or excessive stains. This surface is regarded as a maintenance free material.

Composite stone is a surface with very low porosity, which makes it resistant to the stains that often occur in the kitchen (oil, wine, coffee, etc.) These tight pores can also keep viruses and bacteria out of your quartz countertop because they deny a necessary place for bacteria to hide in. So, your quartz countertop is going to look clean and stay clean for years to come.

Quartz is an excellent choice if hygiene is one of your kitchen priorities, click here to see some of our current color offerings or click here to schedule a consultation appointment in our showroom. 

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