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Why Ultracompact Countertops Are a Win for Outdoor Spaces

What can take on weather, stains and scratches for your outdoor living area? Dekton!

Gearing up to entertain outdoors? Here is one of the best surfaces to consider for your barbecue area

Are you realizing in these days of social distancing that enjoying your outdoor space is even more important? Sometimes just sitting on your back porch feels like a qualified outing! As more restrictions are lifted, we are all looking forward to entertaining more outside. The best backdrop for such gatherings is an outdoor barbecue area that brings the comforts and feelings of home to the outside. One of the best ways to accomplish this is adding countertops to outside surfaces. 

At Precision Countertops, we are proud to offer one of the best materials for outdoor applications…ultracompact countertops by Dekton. See why ultracompact countertops are the answer to your outdoor design dreams

Bring on All the Elements

It is highly UV resistant. It won’t fade or degrade over time with exposure to direct sun, making it perfect for any area outside. It’s so resistant to environmental elements, commercial buildings often clad their exterior surfaces with it, as seen in this Porsche dealership. Quartz countertops can’t be used in outdoor applications as the resin in the quartz will react to direct sun and change the color or fade. 

It Can Take The Heat…and ice!

Dekton uses Sinterized Particle Technology. This process uses extreme heat and pressure to simulate metamorphic changes. The result is a thermal shock proof material that withstands high temperatures without burning or scorching. Perfect for butting up against a barbecue! 

It’s also resistant to ice and thawing, so can be placed anywhere outside with out the fear of cracking.

Zero Porosity

Because of the process in which Dekton is made, this material is 100% non-porous. This means it’s the most scratch and stain resistant surface on the market. No sealing required and no staining when the barbecue sauce gets left on it for a few days in the blazing sun! 

It’s a Versatile Look

This material can join any party. From the most sophisticated poolside soiree to a down-home barbecue, the different looks of this material can fit into any vision you have for your outdoor space. The creators of Dekton have truly achieved excellence in mimicking the most expensive marbles and the rustic look of concrete or metal. 

Ready to make your outdoor space a true living area? Set up your free virtual consultation or hop into the showroom and meet our talented (and masked) design team!

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