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Top 5 Reasons Why Quartz Is So Popular

If quartz and granite were in a foot race, quartz would be sipping Gatorade for a few minutes before granite even crossed the line. How did quartz usurp the years-long countertop front runner? Read below to find out and see why quartz is just getting started….

1. Durability

Quartz has what one could consider extreme durability. Since it’s engineered by binding natural quartz and resin together in controlled conditions, quartz is created with nearly zero porosity and incredible strength. This means it’s almost impervious to stains and highly scratch and impact resistant. This is a huge advantage for homeowners who are getting countertops installed in high traffic and high use areas. Not only are countertops a big monetary investment, they are generally the highlight of a remodeled space, so you don’t want them to damage easily. Owning quartz countertops takes the anxiety of worrying about ruining your countertops by a guest spilling red wine on the surface. It will retain its beauty and integrity in the busiest of settings. 

Its strength also makes it more versatile in unique applications. For example, you can create a large overhang with quartz because it is engineered to be consistently strong throughout the whole slab. If you were to use marble in the same application, you risk the material cracking or bowing under the pressure. 

2. Unlimited Design Options

Every year, each quartz supplier releases new colors and patterns onto the market.  Not only are there new looks, they also are constantly enhancing their processes to bring more depth, purity and artistry to their lines.  This results in the consumers getting a very broad range (dare we say unlimited?) choices in their quartz countertop selections. Quartz is unrivaled when it comes to matching every single design style.  The manufacturers can copy the look of luxurious marbles or the most expensive of granites.  They can also create any color or pattern…the possibilities are only limited by their imaginations. They can literally “paint” to what consumers and demand trends are dictating. They can create natural looking marbles in colors that don’t actually exist in nature. Blue has been trending in the design world and many quartz manufactures have answered with adding blue accents to the usual gray patterns. 

Although these quartz suppliers can nearly “paint” to preference, one can’t overlook the importance of the consistency of their products. With natural stone, you risk half of a slab looking very different from the other half. Or if you have a project that requires multiples slabs, when granite or marble is specified, you can get a huge variance from piece to piece. Quartz is a safer bet if you are looking for uniformity. 

3. Affordability

Countertops often take up a big part of your budget. At the same time, they also take up a big part of the visual space in your project…it’s really not a place you want to skimp! With quartz, you can now afford the luxury and beauty of a stone countertop at an affordable price point. 

At Precision Countertops, nothing makes us happier when we can wow a customer with a beautiful quartz product that they thought they couldn’t afford for their project. Years ago, granite and marble slab countertops were only found in luxury homes. Now, with quartz overtaking the market and so many suppliers in the game, the price points are attainable for most budgets. A great example of this is our top selling quartz Calacatta Gold by Silestone. The average homeowner would be stretching to cover their kitchen in this rare Italian marble, but providing the quartz equivalent makes bringing rare stones into your space more feasible.

4.Anti-Microbial and Non Porous

Our current global situation has caused more and more people to focus on keeping homes germ free. Kitchen and baths are the highest community used spaces in a home, and they also have the highest potential to generate germs. Because quartz is non-porous, it doesn’t harbor bacteria or allow it to propagate in microscopic crevices like natural stone has the potential to do. Silestone has even baked Microban, an antimicrobial agent, into the quartz/resin mixture to further inhibit bacteria or virus spread. 

Quartz has nearly zero porosity, and this means there is no need to treat or seal the material to achieve these hygienic qualities or to prevent staining. No maintenance or special cleaners required to keep this material looking like new. The manufactures are so confident in this, they offer the most liberal warranties in the business…some spanning 25 years. 

5. Replicates Marble

Although we have touched on its ability to mimic marble throughout this article, it bears repeating. The ability to bring the look of the world’s finest marbles into the average consumer’s home at an affordable price with the durability of quartz is why quartz dominates the market. And our numbers prove it. Our top five selling quartz colors at Precision Countertops are duplicating all the white Carrara marbles that used to be for only the homes in the upper echelon. Quartz is sophistication made affordable.

The verdict has been in for a while, quartz is leading the countertop market. With a long track record (we’ve been installing it for over 20 years now) of durability, performance and style, it’s the proven choice for countertops. 

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