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Top 5 Best Selling Quartz Colors

It’s hard to beat quartz. It has the beauty of the finest marbles and the durability to withstand stains and scratches…plus no maintenance or sealing! The technology to create engineered stone was developed in 1963 by the Breton Company in Northeast Italy but it took a while for the trend to catch on in the U.S market.  Quartz started to gain ground here in the 2000’s when innovations of the existing technology started to create slabs that looked closer to Mother Nature’s version.

Quartz is now the rising star and in our showroom it makes up about 80% of what we are selling. All across the nation it’s winning over the hearts of homeowners and designers for its durability and beauty.

I had the pleasure of talking quartz countertops with Mellissia Schulz of Schulz Design in Tualatin and she said, “Quartz is what our client’s are using close to 100% of the time. At the end of the day they want something low maintenance and durable. The antimicrobial feature is a benefit as well. Quartz manufacturers have come a long way in mimicking the beauty of natural stone.”  At Precision, we track trends and like to keep our thumb on the pulse of what our customers are asking for. Right now, these are our top five selling slabs and no surprise….they are all quartz! 

#1 Viatera Clarino

Coming in at the top spot is the beautiful Clarino made by Viatera. Viatera’s parent company is LG and they have been creating quartz countertops since 2004. Their website describes Clarino as having a “warm white background that is elegantly contrasted with a chorus of gold toned veins, making for a concerto of subtle shades.”

#2 Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold

The marble Calacatta Gold has been one of the most popular natural stones for the last ten years and this quartz does a wonderful job of recreating the look. These wider veins of gray through white pronounces itself in a room. Melissa mentioned she likes to use quartz that has the large rivers of gray on big landscapes like a kitchen island to make a statement. She added it can also make a fun pop on a powder room countertop as well. 

#3 Viatera Aria

This rich color is described by LG as, “alabaster and creamy eggshell making the perfect backdrop for intricate black marbling. Much like an aria in a Baroque Opera, this pattern doesn’t just repeat itself, it grows more complex and rich with each swirl.” Aria has smaller movements and veining than the broader strokes of Silestone’s Calacatta Gold. The background color has a lot of subtle movement that adds a richness to the overall feel of this material.

#4 Q Quartz Calacatta Botanica

This quartz is made by MSI, a relatively new player to the quartz industry. This has a soft white background with light gray veining. MSI describes is as an “unfussy elegance that fits nearly any design style and color trend. A modern take on a timeless Italian marble.” The veining is thinner and very subtle compared to the more saturated veining of others. The background color is a fairly uniform white, so it’s also cooler than some other options listed here. 

#5 Silestone Pietra 

This is another beautiful material that has darker smaller veining. It too has a creamier background but the veining has tinges of black and gold and then accents of slight blueish hues. The background color has a lot of depth, so the material presents many shades to jump off from to create the overall color palette of your space.   

All of these colors have the ability to be used with different styles and a variety of color ways. Melissa said this is a goal of hers when helping clients pick out countertops. “Trends are always changing but the most interesting thing about the popular quartz styles right now is the ability to adapt to a cool or warm color palette. Most kitchen’s useful life lasts for around 25 years, so you want your countertops to be able to withstand the tides of changing trends.  The colors offer a backdrop that can provide many different avenues of design over a longer span of time.”

As trends change, these top 5 sellers will definitely be staying in style!

Schulz Design is a local Tualatin design firm.  Melissia and her team are passionate about bringing beauty and function into client’s homes. They specialize in full service home remodeling including kitchens, bathrooms and additions. You can find Melissia at 

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