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Choosing The Right Backsplash For Your Project

Decision fatigue happens. You start a renovation project with creativity and excitement pulsing through your veins. You soon realize that the monumental decision of picking out your countertop material is just one branch on the decision tree. There are many others…sinks, fixtures, edges, backsplash..the list goes on.  You may get stuck in the branches and want to jump out of the tree altogether. Often times when there are more decisions to be made, the more opportunity for self doubt to set in.

Because there are so many decisions to be made in the process, we are proud to offer you some of the best kitchen and bath designers in the field. They will take you through each step and assess your needs, budget and style for your project…all at no cost to you.  One topic we’ll offer some clarity on today is choosing your backsplash. The backsplash and the countertop create a working relationship in both design and function. It can be one of the easier decisions  if you are armed with information about each direction available. As they say, information is power and that’s what you need to fuel this wonderful ride of creating your dream space. There are three options when deciding what type of backsplash you would like. 

The first option is the four inch backsplash using the same material as your countertops. This scenario makes up roughly fifty percent of the jobs that are fabricated in our shop. The advantage of this would be less expensive than a full coverage backsplash and also no need to make a tile decision. There really isn’t a downside to this except that if you are looking to add a more personal touch, tile and the full coverage back can make more of a statement. The four inch backsplash also creates an additional horizontal surface that will have to be dusted from time to time.

Next up is the total coverage backsplash using the same material as your countertops.  Instead of stopping at four inches up the wall, it continues all the way up to your cabinets (or the ceiling if you have no cabinetry). This is simpler for decision making. There is no agonizing over whether or not your tile matches since you are using the same exact material as your countertops. This look is modern and on trend and makes a beautiful and bold statement. It’s also better for resale as no one ever really says they don’t like the backsplash. It’s the equivalent of buying a black car, you can’t go wrong.  It utilizes more countertop material, so it is more expensive than the four inch option. 

Tile backsplash is another popular option. Tile backsplash can be the place to add a pop of personality and color to your project. A customer recently chose a rock tile because it was going in her cabin and another customer chose a bold red glass tile to put her own pizazz into the project.  Of course, you can opt to go with a classic approach and get white subway tile installed.  Tile can be risky for resale if you aren’t choosing something more basic. We have a wide selection of tile in our showroom and our design specialists can help you find the right tile to match your vision.

We hope this gives you enough information to make this decision feel less like a hurdle and more like a power boost to take you to the finish line.

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