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Capture the Look of Concrete With Caesarstone Quartz

Concrete countertops can fit into any design style. From traditional to modern from farmhouse to industrial, this countertop material covers the gamut. They can make a space feel unique with their raw and textural element and are as close to timeless as any material can get.

Although concrete countertops may seem like they hit it out of the park, there are some serious drawbacks when using them in your home. Concrete can get hairline cracks as it settles into place and it also has a tendency to stain with oils or wine. You must seal it regularly and it will still patina and change color with age. Concrete countertops are very heavy (20-25 pounds a square foot) and oftentimes added supports are required to help your cabinets carry the load. Although you may see a few DIY sites outline the steps to pour your own concrete slabs, the majority of cement countertops are poured off site by professionals (they take 28 days to cure!) and they cost upwards of $150 a square foot. 

At Precision, we know the issues with concrete all too well. About 20 years ago, we opened up a concrete division to meet customer’s demands. We poured countertops for new lofts in the Pearl, hotel lobbies and industrial projects. We quickly realized the downfalls of installing concrete as calls came pouring in complaining about cracks and stains. We closed this division after a few years.  We couldn’t stand behind the product we were selling and they were nearly impossible to fix. 

If you love the look and feel of concrete…don’t despair! There are options that replicate concrete tops that will leave you with peace of mind…knowing it will perform and hold its integrity and beauty over time. One of our on-site designers concurs, “We have a lot of people come into the showroom asking for concrete tops. After I assess their needs and see what they are looking for in concrete, most of them are happy to use the quartz options we carry that mimic the look and feel of concrete. You’d be hard pressed to walk into a space and be able to differentiate between hand poured tops and the amazing concrete look that our Caesarstone quartz line has to offer.

Quartz is very easy to maintain and more affordable than getting your counters hand poured. Caesarstone has a wide variety of concrete finishes but the two we most often recommend are Rugged Concrete and Airy Concrete. 

Rugged Concrete is described by Caesarstone as, “A medium gray base camouflaged by billows of white. Rugged Concrete has a masculine energy that exudes confidence, competence and fortitude. It’s the Hemingway of countertops. Appealing to men and women, this Caesarstone color is well-suited for a chic, urban loft for a modern, unfinished edge. Or, it can mix with softer decor motifs to add a warm, rustic charm.” 

Airy Concrete is lighter than Rugged Concrete and has more white movement. Caesarstone explains it as “a calm gray base enhanced by white and dark grey veins. It features the interplay between water and air creating the appearance of waves billowing to the surface. Airy Concrete continues to meet the demand for industrial design but with a softened edge.”

To round out the look of concrete, we recommend a mitered edge (a 90 degree angle) with a 2.5 inch drop.  Also, be sure to get a concrete or rough finish. This will give the texture  and depth that comes with actual concrete countertops. With these colors and tips for finishes, you will have the closest thing you can get to a hand poured top but with the durability and beauty of quartz…a win-win!

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