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Quartz Is Key in this Beaverton Remodel

There is nothing more fun for our team than seeing a project come to life through the eyes of a customer, especially a beautiful kitchen! When Cederberg Construction tagged us in this beautiful kitchen remodel on Instagram, we felt compelled to share this unique kitchen island in Beaverton, Oregon.

Open Floor Plans are popular for good reason and this design leaves room for a big kitchen island. The pairing of butcher block and quartz on the island adds to the kitchens farmhouse charm, while allowing for high traffic use. Quartz is an incredibly durable material, and one that will withstand years of heavy use. What’s so smart about this design in particular is the use of quartz where it really matters and where liquid will interact with the surface, keeping the less durable butcher block in a low traffic zone.

For full details on this project, check out Cederberg Construction. Have a project you would like to see featured here? Be sure to tag us on Instagram!

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