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Common Questions

These are some of the common questions and issues we see come up on multi-unit projects

We stock 2cm quartz in three colors, white, off white and gray. Because we stock these slabs here in Wilsonville they will be the most cost effective choice

The most common cabinet issues we see that will prevent us from installing countertops are cabinets, pony walls or raised bars that are not flat and level.

Our installers will need a place close to the building to park their vehicles. They will also need a plan if the unit is not on the ground floor.

New ADA requirements are more often requiring a 24″ deep countertop which will require a minimum sink width of 15″.

We will need at least two scheduled dates, template and install. We will measure the space at the template appointment.  After the countertops have been fabricated we will come back and install the countertops.

Sometimes(need to explain when this is needed?) the countertops do require buildup or subdecking. This will need to be in place and ready for the template appointment

2cm Quartz Color Options

We offer two 2cm quartz colors that we stock in our Wilsonville facility. This offers the most cost effective stone options as well as faster installation turnaround times.

Q Quartz Snow White quartz swatch

Snow White

Q Quartz Frost White quartz swatch

Frost White


Show an image of a common issue. Maybe the drop edge you mentioned?

Updated Laundry Room


Any other common issues that are easier to show with an image?

Updated Laundry Room