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Why Recycled Glass Countertops Are Worth The Investment

Why Recycled Glass Countertops Are Worth The Investment

Reasons Why GEOS Recycled Glass Countertops Are Worth Every Penny”

Recycled glass countertops bring a very unique look to your kitchen. This countertop material has not been around too long but it is definitely making its way up to being one of the leading countertop options in the nation. The many different texture and color variations of recycled glass countertops are basically endless. One quality that many homeowners, builders, and contractors absolutely love about recycled surfaces is the fact that it is an environmentally friendly material. With so many campaigns focused on saving the planet, any eco-friendly option in regards to absolutely everything wins. Recycled glass is an awesome countertop alternative to the very popular natural granite stone. At Precision Countertops, we will walk you through all of the great benefits of these beautiful kitchen counters.

“Maintenance Of Recycled Glass Countertops”

Recycled glass countertops are quite easy to maintain and clean. They require a quick and easy water and soap mix but the cement-based binders have to be sealed on a regular basis for protection against acidic agents such as vinegar and juice. Acidic liquids can etch the countertop’s surface that is why it is important to seal them as soon as possible. Resin countertops are nonporous and they do not need to be sealed quite as often thus meaning that they are much easier to care for an maintain. However, the resin components that you will find in crushed glass simply cannot be polished like marble or granite tops. Cement based countertops, on the other hand, are porous so they need to be sealed or they will stain.

“Environmentally Friendly Countertop”

Most recycled surface counters have one-hundred percent recycled glass and others can have a combination of both new and recycled glass. The majority of recycled glass countertops are eco-friendly to some extent because they are created with glass that would normally be sent to a local landfill. Resin and cement binders stop some of them being completely environmentally friendly. A lot of resins are petrochemical products that come from nonrenewable resources even though there are some available plant-based options out there. Cement-based binders need a good amount of fuel in order to successfully extract raw material when making the product. Some countertops made from cement based recycled glass will use slag and fly ash which are byproducts of the ore and coal industries. When such materials are used to create countertops, they will not go into the waste stream. This is very beneficial and helpful to the environment even though fly ash has mercury, lead, arsenic, and other heavy metals. The most environmentally friendly option is solid recycled glass countertops because they don’t use such binders. If you are interested in countertop repair services, reach out to us now.

“Recycled Glass Is Durable”

Are they heat and scratch resistant? The answer is, yes. Recycled glass countertops are definitely heat and scratch resistant that is what makes them such an incredibly durable option for the kitchen! This countertop option is one that will chip due to high impact. If you drop really dense objects on the surface, they will more than likely chip. Repairs for recycled glass can be a bit pricey so you want to make sure that you are careful with your day to day use.

“Designs, Patterns, And Colors Of Recycled Glass Counters”

Typically, recycled glass countertops are engineered using a combination of glass chips and crushed glass. This combination of glass is held together in a resin or cement based binder. They could also be solid pieces of glass. Counters that use crushed or chipped glass will have a very distinct look that will offer a variety of colors, depth, and translucence. Materials like granite and laminate simply cannot provide that for you. Often times, you may be able to find a recycled glass manufacturer that will customize your counters to fit your unique style. Some engineers will let you pick the kind of glass chips that will be used in creating your countertop. You will also be able to pick the specific binders, colors, shape, and texture. Recycled glass countertops are on the high end when it comes to other counter options but they are most definitely worth it.

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